Canoe Restoration

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Complete or partial restoration, repair, or rescue* of vintage wood canvas canoes and small boats.
My goal is to restore or repair your canoe to near-factory condition or better. I take my time, using original materials where p100_1311ossible, to make your canoe or boat structurally functional witu
hout sacrificing the vintage patina.

 I’ve been doing this since 1999 and have worked on Old Town, TlizQ1hompson Brothers, JR Robertson, Kennebec, Carleton, Rehbein, Penn Yan, BN Morris, Peterson Brothers, Rhinelander, War Canoes, American Traders, Seliga, other canoes, and small wooden boats.
I am an active member of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (, the local Great Rivers Chapter of the WCHA. And the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum( These organizations provide a wealth of knowledge on wooden canoes.
Two time winner of “Skippers Choice Award” for non-motorized at the Eagle River Classic Wooden Boat Show.

A new service!!! Check this out! I will mentor you, on on one, in my shop on restoring your own canoe. Call or e-mail for daily/hourly rate and details.

Feel free to make an appointment to stop by my shop or request photos of other canoes to check out my work. References also available.

I also buy and sell (and rescue*) vintage canoes, both in the rough and restored. Contact me to see what I may have on hand.

Dave Osborn
11726 Charlotte Place
Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

*Rescue: I take in derelict canoes (free) for educational purposes, to find an appropriate home, or to pass on to would-be restorers that need a project.


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