Guiding In The Back Country

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  • This is a unique guide service, not of the same mold of other local guides. This service is a throwback to days gone by. Whether you want to fish, photograph, or just soak in the tranquility and wild outdoors, a day spent in remote natural areas near Minocqua and Boulder Junction, Wisconsin in a vintage wood/canvas canoe is a 100_1558real treat!
  • Fish from an vintage wood/canvas canoe Solitude and beauty of Wisconsin’s Great Northwoods Discover pristine hidden and little known lakes
  • Cameras are a must! ¬†Catch and release (mostly)…primarily bass and panfish, but there are esurprises in some lakes Light to medium tackle-bring your own or use mine Fly rods welcome Shore lunch provided on all trips!!!!! Licensed and insured
  • Back country overnights available…check for pricing..
  • Full day…$200
  • 1/2 day….$150PTDC0043

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